About Dr. Hahn

Enthusiasm for perfect technology, outstanding design and excellent service have made Dr. Hahn one of the most innovative companies in the development and production of hinges for metal and PVC profile doors. Dr. Hahn offers precisely the right solution for any situation. Screw-on hinges, butt hinges, clamp hinges and concealed hinges meet all requirements due to maximum quality attributes.


"hah­n­func­tion high­lights the sum of our ser­vices that are avail­able to each and every cus­tomer at all times"

Dr. Wal­ter Hahn, Com­pany founder

  • is a quality characteristic of our products and services
  • underscores the inimitability of Dr. Hahn's products and performance
  • Comes with decades of experience which is to the benefit of each and every one of our customers
  • stands for the innovativeness of our employess and a process to constantly improve our products
  • means security for the user, because he does not have to shy away from installation
  • represents our promise to you and our obligation to ourselves
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  • distinctive form
  • perfected construction
  • brilliant finishes
  • timeless design

Product Range

  • fitting solutions for every situation
  • innovative developments
  • high-quality materials
  • commercially available products


  • optimised tools
  • made-to-fit drilling jigs
  • well-devised packaging
  • professional consulting
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DR. H@HN on the Internet

  • complete product overviews
  • comprehensive instruction manuals
  • precise adjustment instructions
  • in-depth product descriptions
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  • extensive endurance tests
  • high intrusion protection 
  • independent testing for fire and smoke protection
  • advisory services during customer-specific testing
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  • personal training of employees
  • quick prototype assembly 
  • system-specific installation drawings
  • extensive PC programme for hinge placement

Dr. Hahn product history

Dr. Walter Hahn founded the company in 1961. Focus was initially placed on the thermoplastic moulding of plastics. Door hinges were required for presenting these products at a fair. The positive feedback was mainly responsible for the production of door hinges since that time.